Cognitive Neuroscience Organizing Committee

Chris Mc Duffie

CEO and Founder
Turning Point Addiction and Recovery

Biography: Chris Mc Duffie began Turning Point Addiction Recovery Services severa ReadMore...

Research Interest: Addiction & behavioral health treatment

Kully Bath

Acupuncture Haven
United Kingdom

Biography: Kully Bath Clinical Director and certified Practitioner of Acupuncture ReadMore...

Research Interest: Schizophrenia, Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology

Joseph I. Sirven

Professor and Chairman
Mayo Clinic Arizona

Biography: Joseph I. Sirven, M.D., is a professor of neurology and editor-in-chie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Epilepsy and seizure treatments in adults and children (part ReadMore...

Felix Martin Werner

Rafael Covenas Institute of Neurosciences

Biography: Dr. Felix-Martin Werner studied human medicine at the university of Bo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology and psychiatry or psycho-and Neuropharmacology

Natalia Rodriguez Alvarez

Research Scientist UCB Pharma
Royal College of Surgeons

Biography: Natalia Rodríguez Álvarez is the Postdoctoral research Scientist in ReadMore...

Research Interest: Epilepsy, Medicine

Marco Carotenuto

University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

Biography: Marco Carotenuto graduated from Università degli Studi della Campania ReadMore...

Research Interest: Epilepsy, Idiopathic generalized epilepsy, Childhood absence ReadMore...

Raffaele Pilla

St.John of God hospital

Biography: Raffaele Pilla, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Doctor Europaeus, received his Master ReadMore...

Research Interest: Epileptic seizures and Brain cancer, Ketogenic diets, Oxygen ReadMore...

Judith Miller

Soaring Hope Recovery

Biography: Judith Miller, PhD, CAC III, Registered Psychotherapist, LENS Adv. Cer ReadMore...

Research Interest: Psychotherapist, Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therap ReadMore...

Dr Jacqueline Delfgaauw

Therapeutic Area Head Neurology
University Wuerzburg

Biography: Dr Jacqueline Delfgaauw is Executive Director, Clinical Science. Exper ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology, Clinical Science

Mr. Cheung Chun Luke

Eaulier Medical Technology

Biography: Mr. Cheung Chun Luke is the president of Eaulier(Dalian) Hospital. His ReadMore...

Research Interest: Degenerative Brain Diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, A ReadMore...

Yuri P. Danilov

Senior Scientist and Neuroscience Director
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Biography: Dr. Danilov is a system neuroscientist with over 40 years’ experienc ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neuroplasticity, Neurorehabilitation, Enhancement of human p ReadMore...

Dr. Peter Vajkoczy

Medical Director of the Department of Neurosurgery with Pediatric Neurosurgery
Charité – Universitätsmedizin

Biography: Specialist for Spinal surgery, Head and cerebral neurosurgery, Neurosu ReadMore...

Research Interest: Spinal surgery, Head and cerebral neurosurgery, Neurosurgica ReadMore...

Ahed J Alkhatib

Cambell state University

Biography: Dr. Ahed Alkhatib has finished his PhD from Cambell State University i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Setting medical hypotheses and writing book in different fie ReadMore...

Dario Furnari

Professor, Clinical Manager, Director
University of Exeter

Biography: PHd in Applied Biomedical Sciences in the neuroscience and traumatolog ReadMore...

Research Interest: Anatomy, psycology, Traumatology

Alireza Heidari

Doctor, Professor
California South University (CSU)

Biography: Full Distinguished Professor and Academic Tenure of Chemistry & Direct ReadMore...

Research Interest: BioSpectroscopy, Neuroscience


Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Biography: Professor LIU ZHEN-HUAN,is the deputy manager of the Affiliated Mate ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pediatric Neurology /Acupuncture Doctor

Suchi Deshpande

Happiness Strategist and Laughter Coach

Biography: M S Suchi is an experienced International Pre School Principal/Manager ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurogenomics

Giulio Maria Pasinetti

Director and Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Biography: Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti, The Saunders Family Chair and Professor of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology, Psychiatry, Molecular Neuroresiliency, Alzheimer' ReadMore...

Eyad Faizo

BG Unfallklinik Murnau

Biography: Dr. E. Faizo. is a certified licensed Medical Doctor specialized in Ne ReadMore...

Research Interest: Spine surgery in research and pain therapy , Neuromodulation ReadMore...

Jera Kruja

Professor of Neurology
University of Medicine, Tirana

Biography: Dr.Jera KRUJA is a Member of Scientific Committee at European Academy ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology, Neuroradiology, Epidemiology

Crissy Accordino

IONM Director of Operations
Specialty Care

Biography: Christina Accordino has her expertise in operational accountability fo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Intra-operative neuromonitoring (IONM), SSEP, TceMEP, S/T-EM ReadMore...

Tang Wai Kwong

Professor, Department of Psychiatry
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Biography: Professor WK Tang was appointed to professor in the Department of Psyc ReadMore...

Research Interest: His main research areas are Neuropsychiatry in Stroke, Subst ReadMore...

Mathew Alexander

Professor & Head, Division of Neurology
Christian Medical College & Hospital

Biography: Mathew Alexander is Professor & Head, Division of Neurology at the Ch ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neuromuscular Disorders, Clinical Neurophysiology, Inflammat ReadMore...

Nagaraj Pushparaj

Director and Chief Consultant Neuro Science and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation
PMN Pranikha Speciaality Clinic

Biography: Dr. Nagaraj Pushparaj is the Director & Chief Consultant at PMN Physio ReadMore...

Research Interest: Physiotherapy, Neuro Science & Sports Medicine and Neuro Reh ReadMore...